Bangalore to Puttaparthi trip

We recently went on a trip to Puttaparthi. The drive from Bangalore is fairly quick and easy. Below is the most common route you can take.
Bangalore to Puttaparthi Distance

One way to reach Puttaparthi is to take the new airport road from Hebbal and then take the turn after entering AP. This is the path I took.
Other possibility is the take Old Madras Road till Hoskete and then take NH207. This eventually meets NH7 after Devanahalli.

The route I took is the former. Total distance to Puttaparthi is around 160 Kms. It took me 2.5 hrs to reach the destination with my starting time being 6.30 AM on a Sunday, from Whitefield. Time it will take you will depend on many things like time of the day, day of the week and your starting point in Bangalore.

From the new airport, it takes 1.5 hrs. So, based on your travel plan, you can add the time it will take you to reach airport

Route Information
Quality of NH7 is awesome. You can easily maintain 100kmph once new airport intersection is crossed. This road is much better than Bangalore-Chennai route due to less traffic and also lesser number of villages. There is one toll gate which comes 10 kms before Puttaparthi turn. 1-way toll is Rs.60 or you can take the return toll of Rs.90 if you are planning to come back in 24 hrs. There is only one decent food joint which has Kamat and Nandhini restaurants. It comes at around 50 KMs distance from Hebbal. Ample number of petrol stations so nothing to worry there.

The turn towards Puttaparthi comes 10 Kms after the toll gate and is very clearly marked. You will not miss it. From then on, is a 40 KMs drive on an Andhra state highway. This is a narrow 2-lane road but decently maintained. It is possible to safely drive at 70 Kmph. Probably due to passing away of Sai Baba, there are not many devotees visiting this place and the narrow road has very little traffic.

In Puttaparthi
This was my first visit to Puttaparthi and I was very surprised to see so few people inside the ashram. Again, this has to do more with Sai Baba’s demise.
We took a room in hotel called Chaitanya. OK type of place. Not sure if the other hotels are better. This one had some car parking space so I was able to leave my car there and walk to the ashram. Other hotels do not have any parking space. If you book a room inside the ashram, then parking is allowed inside the main compound.

The place Sai Baaba darshan used to happen in the past now has his samaadhi and devotees pay their respects to it. Timings are a bit strange. Public is not allowed inside the main prayer hall from 10.35 AM to 4 PM. You either have to go before or after this window.

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