D Day – Movie review

‘D Day’ is a Hindi movie released in 2013. Cast includes Irfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Nasser and host of other actors.

Bollywood has been trying these spy thrillers of often in recent past. D-Day is another such attempt. The movie as a overall package can be rated average.

Acting by all artists is good and there is hardly anyone who fails to deliver. First half comes out little confused due to non linear narration. Not all directors can pull off a non-linear flow of events as they need a water tight screenplay and should also not end up confusing the audience. Action sequences are shot very effectively with bullets and explosions shown very realistic.

Rishi Kapoor needs a special mention as the bad man, Goldman. The veteran actor is simply so versatile and you will appreciate the way he changes the tone from being a funny gangster to a worried father and finally to a dreaded mafia don who can defy ISI.

The movie would have been a much bigger hit with audience if the director had kept the plot clean and avoided some drag scenes. It is difficult to understand why so much of screen time has to be devoted to Capt Rudra’s love life in Karachi and Irfan’s family. These scenes just slow down the pace of movie by bringing in unnecessary emotional baggage to a spy thriller. Also are some drag scenes where action sequences go on an on and sound way too cinematic. ‘A Wednesday’ and ‘Kahaani’ are the other movies which handle similar subjects but a made much better as they stay away from unnecessary emotional angles.

D-Day is more like ‘Agent Vinod’ – lot of promise but does not excel as a movie due to unnecessary sub plots.

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