AAP syndrome – Indian political system

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is a very welcome change in the rotten Indian political system. Finally we are seeing people with right intentions taking up politics and trying to bring about change in our society. Like millions of Indians, I also contributed to their campaign expenses for the Delhi elections (though I do not live in Delhi).

While AAP did show some action with their tough approach against corruption, it all seems more like Rambo acts now. What this nation needs a systematic, institutional fight against corruption. What AAP is now trying to do is similar to crackdown on violations by our Traffic police personnel. It is just random and biased and simply unsustainable. Jan Lokpal could be the Launchpad for their success but such an institution is prone to so many corrupt practises that we should stop dreaming for this magic Bill that will rid of this country from massive corruption.

Coming back to AAP – a slew of other measures they took after coming to power is also worrisome – electricity subsidies, water subsidies, reservations in college seats – in what ways is this different from populist measures taken by other parties like Rs 1 for 1 kg rice, loan waiver, free laptops/cycles etc?

While I supported AAP in Delhi elections, even by contributing to them financially, it is a waste of vote to support them in 2014 general elections. My advise to AAP:

– Work really hard in Delhi and bring about a visible change in the system

– Pay attention to other assembly elections and make an impact there as well

– Target 2019 general elections – by which time you will have more leaders with administrative and political elections – you cannot run a country by simply an anti-corruption movement.

Corruption is a curse that impacts every citizen of this country – most effective way to tackle it is by forming governments at state level. I completely agree with a nice article published today in TOI by Chetan Bhagat – http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/The-underage-optimist/entry/get-the-priorities-right-india-first-aap-second

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