AAP and its Delhi love story

2015 is turning out to be a comeback year for AAP. After a dismal 2014, its leaderships seem to have got their senses back. Exit polls definitely suggest a majority for them. If these are true, it is a great news for the entire country. And there are multiple reasons for that.

Party with a difference

AAP always had this aura of a party with a difference and it will be interesting to see how they will perform this time. Are any lessons learnt from the 49 days fiasco? Only time will answer. One thing they should be aware is that Delhi is still not a complete State legally and any government in Delhi will only have limited access to the machinery required to run the city. Rather than complaining about these limitations, they should work within what is possible and bring about a difference to the lives of people living in crime capital of the country. And, no more agitations and dharnas please… please!

BJP knows it is vulnerable on 2 fronts

  1. It is one thing to sell Gujarat growth story when 90% of the country population has never seen it working directly. It is completely different thing to sell the same growth model to the same population after governing them directly for 8 months. People want to know how their life is changing on the ground after electing this government.         Pakistan ceasefire violations have not ended, attacks in Kashmir have not subsided, Naxal violence in heart of India is still very much prevalent – all these supposed to be close to the heart of Mr.Modi and people were expecting a tough government to take tougher actions. Indian Railways continues to struggle with a 20th century infrastructure to run 21st century economy. It is a shame that nothing is done in past 8 months to improve railways (trains, stations, tracks etc). Power sector was supposed to bring in major reforms with solar power generation and wind based energy generation hubs. Nothing has happened so far. Roads were supposed to get a major boost and this has also not happened yet. Basically – internal security, railways, power and roads are the areas where central government can make maximum impact. Unless BJP government starts delivering in these areas faster, people will lose interest in them.
  2. BJP tasted success in Lok Sabha elections and the subsequent Assembly elections due to one major factor – lack of credible opposition. Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Haryana are 3 states where opposition was completely in shatters and BJP capitalized big time with Modi aura. The moment they face some serious opposition, they failed to make any impact – Delhi and J&K are the examples. By guess is BJP will sweep Bihar next but fail miserably in Bengal – Mamata Banerjee is a far stronger opponent than anyone else they faced till yet

Hope for rest of the country

AAP success in Delhi will hope for other small parties in the country to dream big as long as they have an agenda that talks about all inclusive growth and targets the common problems faced by people. Region, religion, language, caste and reservations can no longer dictate how elections are fought and won.

Congress and its Gandhi dilemma

Congress party may finally come out of its Gandhi tag dependency since they are unlikely to make any impact in the Assembly elections coming up in next 2 years. The only state where they have some influence is Karnataka and Kerala. Hopefully, their leaders will start seeing beyond the Mother-Son duo and make meaningful and inspiring leadership choices. Modi, Amit Shah, Arvind Kejriwal, Mamta Banerjee, Manohar Parrikar are fine examples of individuals who took up very important positions in their parties without having a surname with a legacy. They rose from the ground up and hence value the high position they are occupying today. Hopefully, Congress realizes this sooner – they have to create a system where any party worked can hope to the the party president or government leader – Not just a single family with borrowed surname.

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