Streamlined Indian passport application process

Update 25-Jul-2018 : Please read 2017 Passport Process as the below post is outdated and there have been significant improvements in passport processing.


I documented the process of applying for passport for my wife 2 years back –

Now is the turn to get my daughter’s passport reissued. Passport Seva Kendra in Bangalore (PSK2) is very popular. It is actually supposed to be the best PSK / RPO office for Passport processing in Bangalore. Below is my experience last week – it was a 6 hour ordeal that proves that computerization and privatization does not necessarily mean improved services. Human factors weigh a lot.

Time taken details

1. Reported at PSK2 at 11 AM and allowed inside at 11.15 AM

2. Joined queue to collect token. Token issued at 1.45 PM (after 2.5 hours wait)

3. Counter A called us at 2.30 PM (after 45 mins wait)

4. Counter B called us at around 4 PM (after 1.5 hrs wait)

5. Counter C called us at around 5 PM (after 1 hr wait)

Things that can be improved

1. Issue a token as soon as applicant enters the PSK main hall. Like done in bank branches. We can measure overall processing time only if we capture each step time accurately.

2. Document screening, Counter A and Counter B should all be done in the same counter. Crowds can be best managed only when we reduce the number of hops/places they have to move around

3. PSK was very clearly assigned much more number of applicants than they can handle in a day. This is happening regularly. My office colleague spent 4 hrs last month. A neighbor spent 6 hrs last week.

4. Counter C had only 4 granting officers. Now, if they are allowing some 600 applicants a day, just 4 granting officers is very less

5. The 100 mins of average processing time you mentioned is a very good number. But in queueing systems like these, we should use percentile as a reliable metric. 50 Percentile(p50) and 90 Percentile (p90) are 2 metrics we should start measuring. p90 tells us the max amount of time 90% of applicants had to spend in the PSK. If we can bring this down to 100 minutes, it will be a fantastic achievement. There will always be 10% cases where things could get delayed given the scale at which your organization operates. 

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