5 questions Rahul Gandhi should have asked in Bangalore

Rahul Gandhi was in Bangalore recently and one of his speeches in Mt Carmel College was outright funny. We all know how bad he is at answering (remember the Arnab Goswami interview in 2014? RTI & Women empowerment?) . What he proved in Bangalore yesterday is his inability to ask the right questions either.

Anyway, this blog is not about what Rahul Gandhi can and cannot do. It is not about Congress Vs BJP Vs JD(S) Vs others. It is about the horrible state of infrastructure in Bangalore and how a decade of mishandling by state government and local municipal body (BBMP) pushed us to a point of no return.

Rahul Gandhi could have received a thunderous response and standing ovation if he had asked the 5 right questions.

  1. Do you rate your local Municipal body (current and previous) and State Government (current and previous) as one of the worst in this country?
  2. Don’t you think your Government should put a realistic plan of converting all major roads to concrete so that they last long?
  3. Is it not shameful that your Metro rail company (BMRCL) took 8 years to make only 25 KMs operational?
  4. Do you think your Government will ever be able to solve the garbage situation in this city?
  5. Erratic power supply is a major problem, especially in a city that proclaims to be on par with Silicon Valley. Is 2 hr power cut everyday an indication of how poorly things are planned for this city?

Of course, it is difficult to imagine any of our leaders taking up such tough questions and getting back to us with a time bound, measurable and outcome oriented plan.

Till that happens, you should follow Twitter handles like @silk_board that provide an entertaining perspective of the problems we face, day in and out.

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