Yuvraj and Sunny, once again

January 2016 is a very interesting month for Sunny Deol and Yuvraj Singh. One is the original action hero of Indian movie industry while the other is the original superhero of Indian cricket. Both have had their peaks and lows. This month, they both will be making major comebacks and in roles they are best at – action!!

My father is a big fan of Dharmendra and continued that loyalty to Sunny Deol as well. When Ghayal released in 1990, we actually bought a VHS 15jun_ghayal-25yrscompletecassette of that movie. Barely a teenager, I would have seen Ghayal some 50 times… till the cassette’s reel broke and we could not play it any further. Ghayal was like the Sholay of 1990’s – simple story, great dialogues, high on emotions, superb action sequences and finally, a great soundtrack (although “inspired” from Hans Zimmer composed music for Michael Douglas starrer Black Rain). Balwant Rai and Ajay characters remain etched in the memory of all those who were mesmerized by that movie. It is rather sad that this movie never finds a mention in the nostalgia that gets created these days – people generally talk about the Khan movies due to the romance and songs factors.

Sunny Deol did have some major hits post that but they were far and few – Damini (1993), Border (1996) and Gadar (2001). It has been nearly 15 years since he made movies that were big due to his action star image. Hence Ghayal, Once Again assumes some importance. Perhaps the last chance for Sunny Deol to redeem some lost glory, before he retires. Trailer of the movie seems very basic but lets hope the action sequences cover up everything else that is wrong.

Yuvraj Singh is the action hero of India cricket. The guy who brought flair, arrogance, power, agility and glamour to India cricket. I remember watching his performance in the ICC Knockout Trophy in Nairobi in 2000. He was adjudged Man of the Match when India knocked out Australia from the tournament. Presenter asked what he had for breakfast 🙂sp1

Greatness of cricketers can be measured in different ways. Yuvraj is our greatest when it comes to clean hitting. Every time he walks in to bat, wether he is in form or not, there is always a high expectation of hard hitting batting from him. Every time he gets out, our heart sinks and we feel so bad for him. And next match, the expectations are back. Thats how Yuvraj Singh bats!!

Yuvraj Singh makes a BIG comeback in the Australia T20I’s later this month. While it is unreasonable to expect him to be the super hero, we all pray he performs well there.

And thats why, January 2016 is the month of Sunny Deol and Yuvraj Singh, once again!

Edit – 20 Jan 2017And one year later, Yuvraj Singh finally made a high impact comeback to international cricket. Awesome knock at Cuttack the other day against England. Lets hope Yuvraj becomes the biggest icon for Indian cricket for next 3 years. Welcome back, Yuvi!

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