Indian Tennis – Hyped players and country takes a backseat

India is a country with very few achievement at the world stage. Shooting, Cricket and Badminton are the only three sports where we have consistent presence in Top 10 slots. Given the continuous stream of talent flowing into these three sports, we will continue to do well in future as well.

If there is one sport where our players are hyped a lot but produce very little results for India, it is Tennis. The golden period for Indian Tennis ended in 2008 once the Peas-Bhupati pair split completely.

It is sad to see none of the Indian Tennis players even making a serious attempt to find a mark in Singles format of the competition. Even worse is the attitude of top players like Sania Mirza, Leander Paes, Rohan Bopanna who work only with foreign partners while competing at various ATP events. While I really like seeing them win all these tournaments working with non-Indian partners, problem is they are failing miserably when it comes to representing India.

As a nation, we are confused at the success of these players – remember, these are success stories at individual levels and they do not translate to equal success when asked to represent India.

Indian Tennis deserves lot better than the current set of “hollow super stars”. We need players who are willing to take a plunge in the highly competitive world of Singles Tennis. We need players who can partner with fellow Indians in Doubles and Mixed Doubles events. Only then will they get enough exposure and experience and eventually bring true laurels to the country. If our Tennis players continue their current path, we as a nation should stop hyping things around their foreign success stories.

Tennis is just another sport where we are not good at. Problem is we are not even headed in a direction where things can improve.

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