Movie review : Newton travels some distance, but not quite there

“Newton” is an interesting movie with a catchy title. The subject it chooses is really brilliant and no other Indian movie must have depicted the working of a General Election at a booth level. It touches upon various aspects of our society – the struggle of an honest person to continue doing his duty, a police officer trying to keep his men alive in spite of getting very little support from the country that is defending, a tribal population unable to cope with violence inflicted by Naxalites and police.

Casting of Netwon is simply is spot on. Raj Kumar Rao playing the lead role makes a long lasting impact. He is usually excellent in all his movies, and this one is no exception. Pankaj Tripathi as the police officer is other key character in this movie and he play his role brilliantly. He very easily conveys maturity of a police officer who worked in multiple war zones, someone who is concerned about the safety of his men and the grey shade of his which makes him indifferent to the plight of local population and the entire election process itself. The other cast comprising of Anajali Patil, Sanjay Mishra and Raghuvir Yadav holds their own roles really well. It is a feast to watch all these brilliant actors sharing screen space and breathing life into their characters.

Having talked about the great aspects of Newton, it still falls short when it comes to story telling. Tone of the movie is kept low throughout giving you a feeling of watching some documentary. And the critical part that I feel lets this movie down is its last 30 minutes. In order to make the climax more dramatic, some really silly twists are brought into the story and it is made to look like a typical masala movie. I will not call out what these events are, but for a movie portrayed as India’s Oscar nomination, its climax is really disappointing. Writers of this movie should have worked more the script and should have tried to make the last 30 minutes keep up the tempo maintained by first 60 minutes.

Overall, it is still a movie I would recommend you all to watch. How many times do you see a seriously thought through encounters between an election officer and his security chief in the deep jungles of Chattisgarh?

And by the way, that title “Netwon” has nothing to do with the movie. Just something to grab attention.

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