Mud road of Nallagandla

I’m sure by now you have all experienced the terrible condition of Nallagandla main road. For people who are new to this area, do note that this was the same situation in 2017 and in 2016. So, do not expect some miracles to happen and some angel to come down and fix the road in a week. Few examples of why help is not going to come so easily:

  1. In 2017, the road stretch near Gopanpally Tank (Next to Navodaya School) got flooded with water from adjacent pond. I followed up continuously with R&B engineer. Their explaination was as blatant as it can get – “Water on the road is from the pond. Pond and water are GHMC responsibility. So, GHMC has to remove the water first and R&B will then fix the road”. After multiple follow ups by various individuals, they finally fixed it after a month.
  2. Now in 2018, when I talked to the R&B engineer to get the temporary road fixed while the new road is getting completed, that engineer makes another shocking statement – “No road in Nallagandla is dug up for the expansion project”. I challenged him to come to Nallagandla and will show him how badly it is dug up.

Anyway, what is expected from you, me and every other citizen of Nallagandla is to take this fight and keep pressure on R&B to complete the project sooner.

  • You can go to and file a grievance
  • Get the phone numbers of their Chief Engineers, Dy Engineers from that website and WhatsApp pictures of the terrible road. Search for officers responsible for Radial Road Division
  • File RTI and ask for more information on the project, its cost, plan, completion timelines etc. Filing RTI is much more easier than you think. Tweet me at @VijayIvaturi if you need any help in filing RTI.
  • Tweet pictures of the terrible road with some narrative to KTR and other ministers. Use #Nallagandla hash tag when you tweet
  • Follow us on and contribute your story of fight and success.

    And remember, be respectful in all your communications. Intent here is not to prove that we are right, but to convince the other person that a problem has to be resolved.

    You can also follow more updates at But end of day, action has to be taken by each one of us. Praying that the Government department will fix issues automatically or some citizen group will represent you will not work.

    Act as an individual and make a diffirence for your community! Government departments do not act, because we do not act.

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