Managing Vs Treating Autism

Atypically Yours

Here I take off on a note from my last blog – The denial, the realisation and the setback. I received some feedback saying “Its sounds like you were marketing for Dr Woeller’s website”. So with this post I would like to clarify that.

Imagine this: Day 1- You get a headache, you just deal with it or sleep it off. Day 2- You wake up and you still have a headache, you head to office and people around you seem all insensitive and loud. The work that comes in seems like a burden and you did rather get to end-of-day as quickly as possible.If you are unlucky, you may even have an argument with a boss or colleague. You pop a pill and hope the headache subsides. Day 3 – Voila! No head ache, just a bit groggy, but feeling so much better after all the sleep…

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