The second plunge

Atypically Yours

The turning point. Oh! I missed one important factor- Encouraging relatives!! When I was told by relatives to have my second child, I was always hesitant and I didn’t feel ready. I felt I was struggling as a mother. We had not received any diagnosis and frankly we felt our son just needed more time. I feared that if it is some dominant gene playing out, I may have to go through the grind of tantrums and outburst all over again with my second. However during this period when I was in India my cousin visited with her 4-month baby who was just trying to crawl. My son was 3+ years then and he was sitting a bit away, pushing his favorite little Lightning McQueen towards the little baby and excitedly talking. He even walked right beside me very concerned, while I was consoling the baby. Those moments are…

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