Managing our own waste – how we did it

Managing waste is a major challenge for all cities in India. Same applies to Hyderabad as well. Jawahar Nagar dump yard is something we should all be aware of. Now, as individuals, can we simply worry about the situation and do nothing about it since it a challenge that is way beyond our capacity? Like always, there is a way out.

As individuals, we can make a difference at our household and locality level.There are 2 types of waste we usually generate in our homes. Here is a list of those and how we can be environmentally aware and responsible.

1. Dry waste – things like packaging material, discarded wrappers, cardboard boxes, newspapers, glass items, metal items, e-waste etc. We generate a lot of these. Recycling is a good solution for such waste. As individual, you may not be able to do much. Hence, in our apartment complex in Nallagandla, we have a tie up with a vendor ( who collects dry waste and does it free of cost. We give away nearly 1,500 Kgs of waste for recycling each week. You can check on how we are doing. Vendor then gets the waste recycled and makes a commercially viable business. Other vendor are also there, like You will have many options, all free and some of them actually pay you for the waste.

2. Wet waste – this is typically your kitchen waste. Things like discarded vegetables, cooked food, curries, rice etc. Wet waste does not have significant commercial value from recycling standpoint. One thing we could do is to convert it into compost and use it for plants. This process can be done by individuals on their own and need not depend on external vendors. We recently started to do this at our home. Our wet waste quantity given to GHMC has reduced considerably. It costs less than Rs 50 per month and about 5 minutes a day. That is what it takes to be a green champion. You even buy a kit online (I did this). There are many vendors. One of them is

So, it is really easy for us to make a major different individually. Reducing garbage in our cities is in our own hands. Got for it!In case you have any questions, please use the comments section below or send me a direct message.

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