Beyond the 5 senses

Atypically Yours

One of the first lessons in kindergarten – the five senses- the sense of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch. But did we ever go past that lesson, to see if there is more than just these five?

Yes, I hear you- The sixth sense. If someone were to compliment you saying “you have a good sixth sense” it means you seem to be more intuitive than others in general. You basically get things others don’t get as easily. But this sixth sense is actually just a phrase! The movie Sixth Sense by M Night Shyamalan just takes this phrase to another level altogether. I have no intention here to get into the theories around the phrase – ‘sixth sense’. Instead, I am going to introduce you to the idea that our body has 3 more senses that we were not taught, after that first kindergarten lesson!

Why talk about…

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