India 2030 – A book that gets it barely right

India 2030 – The Rise of a Rajasic Nation. A different type of title to have for a book. What I liked is the idea of capturing what India will be by end of the current decade. Gautam Chikermane, is the editor of this book. No authors. Confused? The book is a collection of articles written by various persons who are knowledgeable in their area of expertise – Judiciary, Science, Healthcare, Economy, Culture, Defence etc. I loved the idea of putting together that diverse topics focused primarily on two things : India and the next decade.

While Mr Gautam uses the term “Rajasic” initially, there is barely a mention of it in most of the book. It looks like the word is created to make the title look more intriguing.

Some of the articles are very well written and capture readers attention very effectively. These articles are well researched, do a lot of number crunching, present strong perspectives, opinions and create a great narrative. It is actually interesting to see how the authors make an attempt to portray the coming decade as something that India has never encountered in its history and how the future of this country will be shaped in the coming decade.

The book however is a let down with most of the other articles. These articles have barely any research done and simply hinge on respective authors biases and opinions. There are no facts presented and everything reads like figment of someone’s imagination in those articles. It is also disheartening to see Mr Gautam’s first chapter also falls in this category – barely any real content. Another concerning part is price of the book – Rs 699 is just too high. Hopefully the publishers will re-price the book more sensibly.

You can still read this book for the few good articles.

There is another strongly polarizing factor with this book. It is unabashedly pro-Modi. So, if you are a Modi supporter (bhakt or otherwise), give it a read. If you are Modi hater, it depends on two things – if you are blind hater of Modi, do not read this book. If you hate Modi but believe in listening to the perspective of other side, you may want to try this book.

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