Autism and the school admissions

Atypically Yours

It’s that phase in life when, after spending six, long, stable, well-supported years in one place, the time has come to relocate to different lands. This is one of those free-flowing posts -written because I want to just make sense of the situation. We all know change is inevitable and yet it’s not the easiest to embrace. I also know that it is this process that helps us all evolve. Being in the expat community for quite long now, we have seen families leaving, the nitty gritty of winding up and the excitement of the new place. So, what is different in our case- Well, to say the least we had to keep the offer on hold and find out first if the new lands could cater to my child’s needs. Is there a well-intentioned mainstream school ready to include my son? Are there qualified intervention services available in the…

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