Steps to pay GHMC property tax

Paying property tax to GHMC every year is mandatory for every property owner in Hyderabad. GHMC issues an Assessment Number or PTIN that can be used to pay property tax very easily through their website It is a simple process as the website shows the due amount against your PTIN and payment can be made online using Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking or T-Pass.

If your property is new and you do not have a PTIN, you can follow the below simple steps to get a PTIN. You will have to visit GHMC office to submit the form, but do not worry, this is a very smooth process and costs nothing (other than time to visit their office).

  1. Download the new property assessment form from
    1. Circle number = “11” (for Nallagandla area – you can search GHMC website for your circle number)
    2. Name, fathers name, postal address, address of premise
    3. Locality = ” Nallagandla”, Election ward no = “105”, whether construction is = “Completed”, Type of property = “Private”
    4. Building permission date and number – Get this from the Occupancy Certificate
    5. Type of deed = “Sale”, Date of registration
    6. Registration number – This is hand written at top of your sale deed, something like 12345/2017
    7. Registered at “Serlingampally” , Type of roof = “RCC”, Type of flooring = “Tiles”
    8. On the other page, mention Residents Name, Floor is your floor number, Total Plinth area is in your sale deed, Construction completion year
    9. Sign the form
  2. Fill following fields in the form:
  3. Take the original with a photocopy of the form, photocopy of your entire sale deed and photocopy of your building Occupancy Certificate (check with your builder and they will be happy to provide it. Can get it from other residents in your society as well)
  4. Visit your nearest GHMC office.
    1. This GHMC office has good car parking area and there is also a photocopy and internet center right on other side of the road.
  5. For Nallagandla, GHMC office is next to HCU Bus depot (,78.314229,15z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sghmc!3m4!1s0x0:0x769420608e32309d!8m2!3d17.4683705!4d78.3290058)
  6. Once inside the office, on the right side is a Property Tax window. Submit the the original form, sale deed copy and occupancy certification documents here. On the photocopy of the form, they will put a GHMC stamp which is like a receipt.
  7. Once you submit the form, it will take GHMC one week to process it.
  8. You will first receive a SMS confirming your application (with a number) is verified successfully. In a day or two, another SMS will be sent and this has the Assessment Number (also referred to as PTIN)

And that is it! Now go to the GHMC property tax website, use this PTIN and pay your taxes every year!

GHMC also has an online way to submit the assessment request form along with document proofs. I tried multiple times and even lodged a complaint with GHMC, but the local staff is unable to process my online application. Hence the only option left is to print so many pages and visit their office once.

8 thoughts on “Steps to pay GHMC property tax

  1. Hi Vijay

    I submitted application on 15.04 but did not receive any sms yet. Is there any other way to check the status?

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