New vehicle registration in Hyderabad, Telangana

New vehicle registration process in Telangana requires vehicle owner to visit their designated RTA office. While other States in India does not mandate RTA visit of the owner, Telangana Government for some reasons has this different rule.

So, what are the steps involved in registering a new vehicle in Telangana? It is a very simple 3 steps process and can be done in under 30 minutes in the RTA office. Of course, you have to take some preparatory steps before going to the RTA to make this process quick and smooth.

Before you go to the RTA

  • Your vehicle dealer will give you all the required forms. Just collect them as is. These forms are:
    • Form 20
    • Form 21 (2 copies) => You will have to put signature at one or two places on this form.
    • Form 22
    • Tax Invoice
    • Temporary registration certificate
    • Road tax receipt
    • Showroom price sheet
    • Insurance copy
  • You have to carry these additional docs
    • Copy of your PAN card (self attested)
    • Copy of you Aadhaar or some other valid address proof (self attested)
    • Original PAN card
    • Original Aadhaar or other address proof
    • Go to and book a registration slot. You an usually get it for next day. Each slot is 10 minutes.
      • Carry a copy of the appointment slip
  • You will be asked get a pencil trace of your vehicle chassis number. Take your dealers help in case you do not know how to do it. Or ask some friends. For Hyundai cars (like in my case), it is a nightmare as it is very difficult to get the pencil trace. Hence doing this before going to RTA saves lot of time. This traces has to be done on Form 21 pages, at the bottom of each page. Also, you do not have to be 100% correct with the trace. Just do whatever best you can get. In case you have any questions about this step, please tweet me @VijayIvaturi
  • Carry with you standard stationary things like pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, glue stick. Just in case.

3 step process at the RTA

I visited Kondapur RTA (Serlingampally) office in Hyderabad. I believe the steps are the same in any RTA in Telangana.

  1. Go to the first counter and submit all forms. This queue takes 10 minutes. Person at the counter will validate all docs, generates a receipt and gives back everything to you (including the new receipt).
  2. Go to the next counter where they take a phot of you. This step takes 2 minutes. Just show the new receipt you got from previous counter and your original id card. Photo clicked!
  3. Final step is handing over the Forms to a policeman at exit gate. He checks the chassis number mentioned in Form 21 and validates against the chassis number in the car. In my case, he simply asked me to read out the chassis number last 5 digits that I am seeing in the car. He probably has some super human skills to validate the number without actually seeing it. You have to drive your car into this queue and wait for your turn. Before you get into the queue, just observer how other are doing in the queue so that you are not confused. This step takes 15 minutes

That is it. You are done! Go home.

Action after RTA visit

This is the easiest part. After about 10 days, your dealer will receive new number plates and they will call you to get them fixed on vehicle. Get it done. Telangana Government as a mobile app for RTA ( has details). Install this in your phone and you will be able to get a digital copy of registration certificate here. After another week, physical smart card of RC will reach your home address.

Update on 18-Nov-2021 : While the registration number and digital RC card was available 1 week after submission of forms, physical RC card reached my home via Speedpost after 2 months.

Condition of the RTA building and the attitude of the employees is unfortunately not very friendly towards citizens. Despite paying lakhs in taxes while buying the vehicle, we still have to deal with such difficulties. But that should not be a reason for any one of us to rely on agents or other malpractices to get new vehicle registered. We can do this whole thing ourselves, that too in just 30 minutes at the RTA.

If you still end up using some illegal person's service for such a simple task, then you are not a victim of corruption. You are the perpetrator of corruption.

I hope this article is helpful to you. In case of any questions, please add them to comments section below. Or, you can tweet me @VijayIvaturi. Good luck with your vehicle registration!!

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